Emergency Funding Expanded

KF’s Patient Services Committee recently approved an increase in patient emergency funds from $50 per year to $150, reflecting the increased price of transportation and other goods and services.  Emergency funds do not require income pre-qualification, but recipients must live or receive dialysis in our 20-county service area.

“Social workers can request these funds for patients who have no where else to turn,” said Kelly Mofield, executive director. “Funds have been requested for emergency cab rides to dialysis, medication assistance, utility bills, blood pressure cuffs or whatever the area of greatest need is.”

All monies granted come from public donations as the Kidney Foundation receives no government funding and is not funded by United Way of Greater Toledo. Your support goes directly to people in need in Northwest Ohio.

Know your risk factors and take action

The two biggest risk factors for chronic kidney disease are high blood pressure and diabetes, although genetics, obesity, smoking, and diets high in salt and processed foods also contribute to the disease. If you are at risk of kidney disease, there is a number you need to know: your GFR. glomerular filtration rate (GFR) test is a blood test that checks how well your kidneys are working. Anything above 60 is good.  Anything below 60 requires further testing.

People with kidney disease often dismiss their symptoms or don’t recognize the symptoms as being related to kidney function.  This can include fatigue, trouble concentrating, poor appetite, trouble sleeping, muscle cramping at night, swollen feet and ankles, puffiness around the eyes in the morning and dry, itchy skin.

If you are at risk or are experiencing any of the above symptoms, ask for a GFR blood test. Kidney disease can be successfully managed and treated to avoid dialysis and the need for transplantation.

Take a seat—in comfort

Dialysis social workers asked the Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio for help providing a more comfortable experience to patients who spend long hours in dialysis chairs and we’ve delivered. Eighty gel seat cushions were recently ordered and delivered to dialysis centers in our 20-county service area. The cushions, which proudly sport a KFNWO logo, are cleanable and will remain in-center for use by anyone in need.

Meet Paul ViaFranco

Paul has joined the Kidney Foundation as a temporary administrative coordinator and has a wide variety of responsibilities including program expansion and administration, grant writing, and database administration.  Paul, like many people, has lost loved ones and has family affected by chronic kidney disease and is therefore passionate about aiding those who suffer from the disease. Paul is also passionate about addressing chronic kidney disease within our underserved community. Welcome, Paul!

Upcoming Kidney Related Events

Frank Kuhr Kidney Klassic

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Frank Kuhr Kidney Klassic, taking place on Monday, July 22 at Toledo Country Club. We will continue our usual format with lunch and then a 1:00 shotgun start. Watch this space and our website for sponsorship and registration details.

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Kindey disease affects more than 1 in 7 US adults.  Join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors in Northwest Ohio that are living with kidney disease.


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