Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio
3100 W. Central Avenue Suite 150
Toledo, Ohio 43606
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 The Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio provides support services to the patients or clients that it serves through:

Financial Assistance - Temporary funding to cover transportation to and from dialysis treatments, medications and other emergency situations.

Patient Advocacy - Works on behalf of families and individuals to help resolve problems for patients.

Information and Referral - Works to increase networking between agencies, social workers, and nephrologists in the area.

Medical ID Tags - Clients receive free emergency identification tags with vital medical information.

Patient and Family Support Programs - Meet to share support and encouragement.

The P.R.O.M.I.S.E (Providing Resources and Opportunities to Maximixe Independence through Service Endeavors) program was started by The Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio as a means to provide a multi-level support and education system for patients, as well as members of the community
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The Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio offers patients transportation assistance to and from dialysis. Kidney disease presents many challenges to patients including diet restrictions, strict medication regimens, and dialysis treatments which requires sessions at least three times a week.The goal of the transportation assistance program is to allow patients to maintain their independence while dealing with many of the other demanding aspects of kidney disease.  

In 2014, KFNWO provided mileage reimbursement that was equivalent to traveling around the world almost 17 times!